Get to know Ferabotera behind the brand.





While healing is determined by what goes inside the body, Ferabotera considers external recovery through the skin and the unification of the body and mind. The skin is like a mirror and functions as the body's largest organ, absorbing/sensing everything in contact. Products containing synthetic ingredients or chemicals mislead the hormones and systems within. We value offering high-quality, plant-based products that are dermatologist-tested and approved.

Inspired by nature and aromatherapy, we took a holistic approach to body care to support all skin types, calm your energy, and add harmony to your daily self-care routine. 



From Our Founder

My journey began three years ago when I decided to release and uplift myself from recurring waves of low energy and patterns that left me anxious and unfulfilled. The simplicity of daily meditation and intentional breathing led to an energetic shift I needed to heal and evolve. As my awareness grew, that which I allowed into my space and even onto my skin began to change. Self-care (and many spa days) was valuable in my journey to internal love, growth, and transformation. What absorbs into your body and mind is vital. What absorbs into your skin is a priority as well.

While traveling and living in Mexico and parts of South America, I adopted many holistic methods and ideas, such as the practice of sacred plant medicine and essential oils. My routine with botanicals and aromatherapy expanded as I experienced a profound elevation in my mood, health, and overall well-being. I soon became deeply connected with the simplistic beauty of nature in every corner. Inspiration found me during a phase of deep healing within the Yucatan rainforest, where my passion for a healthier mind and body resulted in the development of Ferabotera—an intentional brand with a purpose to deliver tranquility and balance within your daily routine so you can rest in the highest version of yourself wherever you are.





As an all-natural company, we value our environmental impact. Therefore, we aim to remain aligned with nature by shipping our products in eco-safe receptacles. Your serums are placed in sustainable glass packaging to eliminate harmful chemicals from being released into the natural oils from the use of plastic bottles. Our lid closures, jars, and spatulas are BPA-free/recyclable.